For nearly three decades we have been collaborating with agencies and companies just like yours, helping them to craft the visual identity for some of the most iconic brands in the world. 


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It’s always a pleasure to work with Teri and his team. I know I can trust them to deliver amazing work that makes me look good every time.


-Chase Ramirez, Creative Director




 Everyone knows “Teri Shoots Food” and for almost 30 years now, we’ve been creating images for some of the most iconic brands in the world!


Iced tea to bourbon, chocolate to coffee - capturing beautiful images of glasses, splashes and pours is something we never get tired of. Can we get you a drink?


We create images that allow your audience to connect with cultures and destinations in a real and authentic way.



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Cincinnati based visual artist and author Teri Campbell has been called a lighting master by PDN and named one of the 200 best digital artists worldwide by Archive Magazine. His company, Teri Studios has become a destination for consumer packaged goods companies, restaurants, beverage and travel related businesses seeking original images and films for advertising and packaging. Clients include - KFC, Burger King, Marzetti, Kraft-Heinz, Red Gold Tomatoes, Kellogg’s and Hershey’s.


When not in the studio, Teri is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events like the International Conference on Food Styling & Photography, PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo and the FoodPhoto festival in Tarragona Spain. He is also the author of Food Photography and Lighting: A Commercial Photographers Guide to Creating Irresistible Images.

As artists, we are inspired by what we see around us, and we want our space to reflect that creative vision.


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